Breaking Cycles
Join authors Sanwone and Santae Benjamin on a life-changing journey with their
"Breaking Cycles" self-help book. The book offers guidance for people seeking to
navigate life's challenges, whether it's making career choices or difficult decisions.
This book is intented to empower its readers to break free from harmful cycles and move
towards a more fulfilling life.

Available in e-book format, providing readers with a convenient and portable way to access the inspiring story of the Benjamin twins and their journey in the world of dance. The e-book format also includes interactive features such as hyperlinks, bookmarks, and search functions for enhanced reading experience.
Fans of Breaking Cycles by will soon have the option to purchase the book in paperback format for a more traditional reading experience. This will allow readers to physically hold and flip through the pages of the book, making it a great addition to any personal library.
Age Levels
Available for readers of all ages to enjoy and be inspired by the remarkable journey of the Benjamin twins in the world of dance.
God's Work T-Shirt
Un.Titled Creative Hub's "God's Work" t-shirt line. These tees are influenced by James 2:26 "Faith without work is dead..." and feature stylish designs that showcase both faith and hard work. With these shirts, you can make a statement while also making a difference.

Basic T-shirt
This level features a classic fit, with a solid black color background and the "God's Work" text printed in a bold font on the front. The Basic level is made with high-quality cotton and is available in various sizes and 1 color.
Pro T-shirt
This level is made with a blend of cotton and polyester for a softer, more comfortable feel. The "God's Work" text is printed in a more intricate font. The Pro level is available in a wider range of sizes than the Basic level.

Premium T-Shirt
This level features a custom-fit design, made with a blend of the softest cotton and polyester for an ultra-comfortable feel. The "God's Work" text is printed in a premium, 3D design. The Premium level is available in a select range of colors and sizes, making it a true statement piece.
Twin Nation
Beginner's Hip Hop Dance Class
Charlotte Hornet Hip Hop Hive Crew dancers.
Sign up for Monthly Classes.
Beginner's Hip Hop dance classes will be held at Move Studio in Charlotte, NC.
For more Information on how to join/participate, click link below
Homebase Creative Studio Space
Uptown photo/video studio located in the heart of Uptown Charlotte.
This studio rental is equipped with everything you may need for a photo shoot or a simple video shoot.
This space was designed from the ground up by photographers & filmmakers, with the creator in mind.
500 sq ft Creative Studio


We collaborate with brands, business owners, models, marketers and ad agencies, to develop captivating photography and videography that speaks to their target audience, supports brand recognition, and drive results through high quality multi-media.
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